Who we are


Dagenham Bangladeshi Women & Children's Association is a charity in Barking & Dagenham Borough.The organisation has started its journey in the year 2007 with a few Bangladeshi women and children. The organisation has developed day by day. Now it has more than 200 general members from BAME community. The organisation works for men, women, boys, girls, children and young and older people. The organisation have delivered 60 projects since its establishment and benefited more than 2500 local community. 

What is our goal

Our goal is to improve lives of disadvantaged local community particularly BAME community. Our objectives to reach our goal are to : improve health and well-being, reduce poverty and financial hardship, reduce unemployment, increase community cohesion, increase social inclusion, advancement of education, reduce crime, abuse, domestic violence and sexual harassment, improve racial harmony, improve culture, heritage, sports and leisure facilities. 

What we do


We arrange supplementary education classes for disadvantaged children and young people, ESOL training for people who suffer from English language difficulties, skill training workshops for unskilled people, legal advice for people who need it, mentoring support services for young people, employment training for unemployed people, healthy eating and exercise, mental health counselling, advise on domestic violence, sports coaching, community events, seminars and exhibition to meet our objectives.

Our support during Covid-19 crisis


The organisation has been responding to the Covid-19 crisis and supporting  local communities in a range of ways - from recording the impact of the pandemic to providing emergency supplies and supporting people's mental health and well-being.

The organisation has five Trustees, two part time staffs, 10 regular volunteers and more than 200 general members. The organisation is led by  local BAME group and  majority of the trustees are women. Trustees are skilled persons having knowledge about third sector.


   Polyna Hussain   Quazi Kalpana   Iqbal Hossain  Surma Begum  Farjana Mita

       Chair                       Secretary                   Treasurer                 Member                Member


 OUR STAFFS                               

               Mohammed Saiful Islam                                                        Hasina Akhter

                       Office Manager                                                               Admn. Staff 



Bazlur Rahman, Kazi Kalam, Badsha Mia, Stuti Master, Fatema Mahmud, Sultana Rahman, Mim Akhter, Selina Rahman, Tripti Rani, Rozina Akhter






  Our address : 52 Holgate Road, Dagenham,  RM10 8NA

  Telephone     : 02085925483

  Email             : bd.women@yahoo.com 

  Website         : https://www.bdwomenassociation.com

  Charity No.    :  1142495