Community Conversations on Adult Education by Mayor of London

Dagenham Bangladeshi Women & Children's Association has received a grant from the Mayor of London for a project 'Community Conversations on Adult Edut Education. 

Dear community

London is facing a historically high unemployment rate at a time of great uncertainty, with communities across the capital deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working with the Mayor of London’s Skills and Employment team to host a Community Conversation on 08  August 2021  to hear directly from Londoners. We would like to invite you to participate.

Our Community Conversation will involve discussing the future of employment and skills in London, including adult learning, such as classes, courses, training and other qualifications, can work better for Londoners.

Our Community Conversation will be held over the phone.

Please confirm by 07 August 2021 5 P.M.. if you like to attend the Community Conversation.

Kind regards,

Mohammed Saiful Islam

Office Manager

Dagenham Bangladeshi Women &

Children’s Association

52 Holgate Road

Dagenham RM10 8NA

Mob: 07827619689

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the current barriers to taking part in different classes, courses, and training opportunities in London?


  1. Where do you currently go to do classes, courses, training or any other type of learning? How about for help getting a job?

Hint: this could be locations in your community/neighbourhood, or further afield across London. We’re interested in any kind of learning you might do, big or small, formal or informal. We’d also like to know whether these are the same places you go for help finding and preparing for a job.


  1. Where would you like to see more classes, courses and training opportunities? How can these be made as accessible as possible?

Hint: this could be specific locations in your community/neighbourhood, or general ideas about where and how learning and training could take place to make it as easy as possible for your community to take part.


  1. What kind of resources or support would you like to help you find different classes, courses and training opportunities? How about to find job opportunities?

Hint: we are interested in how you look for and find out about different opportunities. We are also interested in how you decide to take part and sign-up to different opportunities.


  1. What can be done to make sure that people doing classes, courses or training have the right digital devices and access to the internet?

Hint: Digital devices could include smart phones, tablets, lap tops or other digital equipment needed to take part in a class, course, or training.


  1. What ideas do you have to raise awareness about adult learning opportunities and encourage people in your community to do training, courses, or other kinds of classes?


  1. How would you describe adult learning to your community to encourage them to take part?

Hint: The definition of adult learning is any learning, training or education completed by those aged 19+. This includes any classes, courses, training, or qualifications – big or small, formal or informal, in a college or in any other location. This could be anything from training for a particular job, brushing up digital and computer skills, taking an arts class in the evening, or learning English as a second language. This does not include going to university. Taking part in learning opportunities can help you find a job, improve your mental health and well-being, and help you feel more connected to your community.