The organisation has received a Community  Response Fund administered by the City Bridge House for 2021. We will deliver the project to support BAME community who are facing difficulties due to Covid-19. Covid-19 has hit BAME communities disproportionately hard. 34% of critically ill coronavirus patients in the UK were from BAME backgrounds. As the infection rate rises in Winter they are still at higher risk of serious ill health and dying.

We will develop BAME women's skill on IT and social media. They will learn use of internet, share emails with friends, free video chats using Skype and make new online "friends" or reconnect with old friends, share stories, concerns and tips for coping with lockdown using Facebook and WhatsApp. We will support communities who have lost their jobs during the crisis and suffering from financial  hardship. 

The effect of Covid-19 has a great impact on our organisation. We had to close down face to face delivery of our two running projects in March 2020. Our organisation has no expertise and experience of virtual delivery of activities. We had to arrange training for staffs and volunteers on virtual delivery of activities by our organisation’s own cost. We have restarted our activities online in September 2020. We have lost some of our volunteers who worked face to face. We raise our unrestricted reserve fund organising community events, community dinners and seeking little fee from participants for our unfunded projects. Due to restriction we could not arrange events and dinners and could not raise reserve fund like previous years. The funding will help our organisation to spend for our core cost.