Sports Project funded by  Sports England


The organisation has received a grant from Sports of England. The grant  is for delivery of a Table Tennis project for BAME women. We plan to start a new project with the grant to get inactive BAME women in Dagenham to become more active involving them  with sports and physical activities.

From our own experience and  from various research reports  we know that many BAME women in Barking & Dagenham are inactive. They are inactive due to lack of culturally accessible activities available  in the local area. They face social and religious barriers to participate in sports. Due to inactive many BAME women suffer from physical and mental health problem.

Our proposed project is the most appropriate way of addressing issues BAME women face in participating sports and physical activities.

The organisation has received four grants from Sports of England since its establishment. The projects are :

  • Yoga training                                                           - 2017

  • Table Tennis coaching for women                        - 2015

  • Table Tennis coaching for young people              - 2013

         Participants of our Table Tennis Project

 Our Chair is seen with the participants (right side wearing green dress)

Women playing Snakes &  Ladder game

Women playing Lodo game

Children playing Chess game