TO COPE WITH COVID-19 CRISIS,

We have received a fund in March 2021 from Voice4Change England for a project to support BAME older and younger people cope with the  impact of the Covid-19.


The project is an intergenerational project and will benefit both older and younger people. We will recruit 40 BAME older women who experience difficulties due to the effect of Covid-19. We will  recruit 10 young  people from the local community having some IT knowledge . We will arrange five days digital technology training for them by an experienced trainer to improve their digital technology skill and they will work in the project as Digital Champion


We will assign four participants to each and 40 participants to 10 Digital Champions. Each Digital Champion will work four hours per week from home and support four older women using digital equipment. Project Coordinator will provide on-going support to Digital Champions to help them help others.


Digital Champions will teach participants how to connect with outside world using internet, WhatsAapp, IMO and Facebook. Digital Champions will also provide befriending support to older women.